Electricity is Boring.

Dear Friends, 
Following the success of Perhaps Contraptions’ first expedition into mobile marching music adventures at Glastonbury 2010 and Burning Man, we are chuffed to announce that the next phase in this collective’s development is simmering wonderfully.
We have been busy recruiting fabulous new musicians to add to this staggering sort of art-punk-swing-marching-band device.  Yes it will involve a heavily customised Victorian Pram. Yes there will be a Sousaphone. Yes there will be junk percussion, poly-rhythmic grooves & choral outbursts. 
We are mightily excited to unleash this new ensemble & have a host of new material in development.
In the meantime, our second LP “Business” it achingly close to completion. It will be released as a download and/or  hand-crafted (very) limited edition CD in bespoke latex packaging… 
 Also, a third LP has also been recorded, and is just beginning to be fiddled with and tweaked. It will contain some of Perhaps Contraption’s most adventurous and “difficult” compositions to date. It will also contain a cover of the Oompah Loompah song.
More news and sounds coming very soon…..