Susie Showers & Squier Squier at Norwich Fringe Festival

The acoustic double-act incarnation of Perhaps will be making an appearance at the Norwich Fringe Festival this Sunday 15th May at the Take 5 Cafe. With support from somewhere over the Rambo the show starts at 7.30. More details can be viewed over here …

The duo will be presenting some new material as well as reworked versions of old Perhaps Contraption numbers. Expect comedy, poetry and sweet music with guitar, ukulele, flute, glockenspiel and our mouths. From a manifesto for the sandwich to questions about your orgasms, this should be a delightful Sunday evening.

Susie Showers & Squier Squier are preparing to record an album of new sounds & poetry tentatively entitled “Parlor Games” somewhere in the depths of July.