Our First Family Outing…

A glorious stumbling mess of instruments and muddy tweed has just stumbled back from another glorious Glastonbury festival.
This incarnation of Perhaps Contraption is preparing to record an album in October.
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7 happy souls trudged through that delicious Glasto sludge-mud and sang til our voices began to crack; with a total of 11 gigs over the weekend (and various processional parps inbetween venues to boot).
Places we shrieked at included;
The Bandstand,
HMS Sweet Charity,
The Rabbit Hole
And most notably
The incredible underground piano bar in the Dragon’s field next to the
Stone circle (who kept us very perky at 4.00am with moonshine and exemplary scrumpy).
Kudos to Iain, our relentless Sousaphone player, who appeared to consistently honk his wonders out for the entire weekend; in all weather conditions! And for the whole Contraption for sticking through it.
Thanks to everyone that came out to a show, and/or stumbled across one and leant us their ears and voices for a while.
Other than that we hope to see you at one of our next festivals –
Fling in Chelmsford (acoustic show, poetry tent)
Secret Garden Party
Playgroup Festival