And so after a flurry of intensive rehearsals & writing,
the continual tweaking and parping and creaking of a whole new collection of sounds & instruments,
The stitching & sticking of 7 bespoke quasi-marching band costumes somethings,
a whole new collection of wonderful musical minds and hands, 
and all of it happily pointing to a shiny new component of this musical way-of-doing-things thing entitled Perhaps Contraption;
SO finally,
WE ARE READY> Perhaps Contraption’s new Mobile Device / Art-Marching Band is ready.
And frothing and eager and about to embark on our 3rd  (and my 11th) consecutive adventure to our favourite village beginning with the letter “P”.
   Yes, the mighty Pilton;
The world’s festival Mecca; a sanctuary of 41 years of collective memories & mess & life changing experiences; an effusive outlet for artists, thinkers, spiritualists & revellers alike; a muddy rolling carnival of curiousity nestled in the valley of Avalon.
Yes, Glastonbury Festival 2011 looms beautifully in the distance.
If you are lucky enough to possess one of these golden tickets, you may spy us lurking with our mutant Victorian pram device and array of horns daily, circa 2 o clock,   around the Bandstand ( a stones throw from the Pyramid Stage, heading towards Green fields..)
We will also be participating in a grand procession; chasing the white rabbit; with the Alice in Wonderland extravaganza known as the Rabbit Hole. This is Friday at mid-day in the Park.
Also at the Rabbit Hole we will be doing a full set on Sunday at 19:00.
Aside from this, as we are completely mobile, we will be playing everywhere and anywhere – most likely intimate stages such as the Lizard & Tadpole Stages in the Green Futures field, late night scrumpy fuelled processions to the Kings Medow and piano bar, and maybe lurking in seedy back alleys in Shangri-La. 
We hope to bump into you and shake you warmly by the hand.
We hope to make you dance and wobble and gyrate in time with the Sousaphone.
We hope you come and sing and share a drink with us.
We hope you have a transformative and joyous festival.
Yours truly,
Squier Squier & Perhaps Contraption