Secret Garden Party Blossoming

Dear listeners and singers and dancers,

WE are excited to be wheeling our squeaky pram-traption to the depths of Secret Garden in the morning. We are also delighted to be joined by two new comrades; Mr Matt Jolly on Trombone and Voice and Mr Thomas Cunliffe on Percussion and Voice.

As at other muddy-based festivals this year, we will be performing anywhere and everywhere. Guerrilla shows are rife.

Though, we shall pay particular attention to quieter areas, where we can gather other Gardeners around to sing lush harmonies to, give out scented flowers and bend knees.

Serendipity aside, you can catch us at these places too:

Thursday: Opening procession, the lighting of the fires; 21:00 all around site.

Friday: Sand Stage (around the sand sculptures) 18:00

Saturday: Circus Kinetica Stage, 17:15
Lake Procession before the big burn 21:00

Sunday: The London Leisure Pirates tent (next to the Great Stage), 2:00 (am!)

We hope to see you there (with bells on)

Squier Squier / Perhaps Contraption