Susie Showers Sets Sail…

On Tuesday 30th August long-term collaborator, questionnaire mastermind, uke-twanger and poet-extroadinaire Susie Showers ventured into the Premises Studios to record a few songs with myself.

This was in preparation for our as yet untitled album; which will be a mixture of Susie’s poems and the songs we have been performing as a 2 piece incarnation, out and about for the past couple o’ years; most notably all over the place at last year’s Burning Man.

I’m glad to say two songs were completed. A new one titled “Orgasm” and another named “Come out Green” which is an acoustic reworking of Sludge & Tripe’s closing track. Susie then continued to blast the rest of her material through my bedroom recording setup, most of it immaculately performed live in one take.

And so, an album is taking shape nicely; we expect to be completing it by the end of Winter this year.

I’m sad to say Susie has now fled the UK for the green pastures of Thailand; where she will be teaching English, writing excellent children’s books and persuing her love of puppetry. She will return sometime in the next few years, ripe with ideas and songs where we will meld her smoothly back into this wobbly beautiful device known as Perhaps Contraption…

We love her dearly and wish her well.

In the meantime you can hear some of her other works on her myspace.


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