Cousin / Grandma: The Video

Packed with our beloved mutant pram kit, giant millipedes (on people’s faces) baby scorpions tickling Mickey Bone’s nose, confusing chameleon love declarations, megaphone ranting, and many other amazing creepy slithering juddering things; we proudly present our new video.

We hope you like it… the next two are already being plotted in neurons & hard drives as I type…

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Grandma was originally inspired by Susie Showers. She approached me one day, all clapping clicking and bobbing and smiling. Swiftly after hearing her do this it was regurgitated and composed by DD Window, Squier Squier and Perhaps Contraption.

When I first heard her do this (way back in April 2010) I would have never thought it would come to this. But that’s the joy of making art.

You have to massage ideas into reality before they evaporate.

Filmed and edited by Jasmine Robinson.
Costumes by Am Statik.
Artistic Direction by Felicity, Jasmine & Squier.
With thanks to The Premises Studios, Tim, Jeffery the Chameleon and Friends, and all the other people who made this possible.