In conjunction with the recent release of Cousin/Grandma, I’ve created a limited edition run of 50 A3 posters.

They a contain a hand drawn sketch, which was then tweaked and coloured in a computery way with the help of Daniel Ross. The sketch depicts a writhing organic form; a vision of a sperm entering an egg, magnified 48,000 times. Some sort of frenetic splurge voicing new beginnings, conception, and of course the colour yellow.

Each one is individually hand embellished with pencil, numbered and signed.

They come printed on heavy weight recycled card; available in either flecked brown or white, 25 of each are up for grabs. They cost £10 (including postage and packaging) and also come with a download of the single.

To acquire one of these things, please contact us, or you can grab them from one of our live shows…