One Taste Cabaret

So back in July we began an exciting new collaboration with the irrepressible One Taste Collective.

In a series of meetings and musings we constructed a framework for a new style of Cabaret with artistic director Lotan Sapir, to be unleashed upon the Secret Garden Party revellers. The result was just over an hour of startling new acts, free flowing improvisation, amazing choreography and immersive performance.

The crowd and all the crew were astounded at what we had managed to create with very little regimented rehearsal. Just a combination of the right people and the right ideas heading in the right direction…

This serendipitous collision had surely bred some magic for all involved.

So! We are excited to announce the second instalment in the One Taste Cabaret will take place this Sunday 11th November, at the Bedford, Balham…SW12 9HD. ¬† We begin at 8:45 with new acts, new songs and orchestration, and dollops of improvisation.

Something very special is brewing…we hope to see you there.
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