[youtube g3qKjvlLd6Y]

After months of work behind the scenes, here is our film for Perambulations. It’s not just a video, you can explore the performance and click on performers to see it from their point of view. See it nice and big with all the info you could need on the Perambulations page and take a look at some photos below.


Perhaps Contraption are:
Charlotte Webber, Deedee Window, Chuckles the Clown, Emily Cunliffe, Felicity Status, Iain Mcdonald, Matt Jolly, Mickey Bones, and Squier Squier

Flavia Bertram, Carly Blackburn, Lauren Bridle, Lucy Ridley of the People Pile, Lotan Sapir, Malik Ibheis

Lighting design by Anna Barrett
Director of Photography – Tom Maine
Movement Director – Lotan Sapir
Edited by Matt Jolly
Grip – Martin Tucker
Audio production by Peter Zed
Mixed at the Premises Studios by Peter Zed & Squier Squier.
Additional production assistance by Oliver Barton-Wood and Tom Carmichael.
Mastered at Electric Mastering, London by Guy Davie.

Directed by Squier Squier.

Interactive video concept inspired by Peter Zed.

With thanks to the Musicians Benevolent Fund and for their generous support.

Filmed at The Parabola Arts Centre, Cheltenham, April 2013.