Our Magical Summer Tour

Our ever watchful Sousa-Cam was mounted to Horace’s Sousaphone for the best part of this year, capturing our antics nearly everywhere we roamed. It was then lovingly spliced by Uncle to show you what we’ve been up to this very busy year….

The whole glorious mess is soundtracked by The Ossicles (Business part III) taken from our forthcoming album “Listening Bones”.

Get your pre orders here!  http://listen.perhapscontraption.co.uk/

Bestival Show Times

so we are off to the island again —

Show times
 saturday 8th:
Alfresco stage (in the Magic Meadow area of the site)
 16:50 – 17:20
Sunday 9th :
Alfresco Stage 13:10 – 13:40
                        18:10 – 18:40
Club Dada   22:15 – 23:00
There may well be a few exuberant flash shows during our stint…
We will have a little bundle of pre-release copies of Listening Bones
should you want to grab a copy in advance of November 3rd.
See you out there with lots of glitter please.

A Gift: The National Anthem: Radiohead Cover

We done a cover. It’s Radiohead’s mighty National Anthem and we rather like playing it. If you would like to listen to it and keep it forever as an .mp3 you can go our music page to grab it.

It’s the next slice from our next album Listening Bones which is officially out on November 3rd 2012. We are celebrating with a little part on the said date at Passing Clouds, London.

With beautiful artwork by Jade from http://expanded-eye.blogspot.co.uk/

Perhaps Contraption Family Portraits

We recently had the pleasure of immortalising this moment in our little family, under the lens of Miss Amy Day (mastermind behind Am Statik). She also tweaked them to look extra wonderful….

Costumes conceived by Squier Squier and Amy Day. Then created with her skilled, relentless hands.

More snippets from this shoot to follow…

Listening Bones Artwork by Expanded Eye

Behold! The beautiful new artwork created by Jade Tomlinson of Expanded Eye.

If you download the album direct from our Bandcamp, each song will be encoded with the corresponding artwork and lyrics…making a beautiful visual accompaniment to the sounds. Pre orders are soon to be live, with the official release looming in October….