Perhaps Contraption Family Portraits

We recently had the pleasure of immortalising this moment in our little family, under the lens of Miss Amy Day (mastermind behind Am Statik). She also tweaked them to look extra wonderful….

Costumes conceived by Squier Squier and Amy Day. Then created with her skilled, relentless hands.

More snippets from this shoot to follow…

Listening Bones Artwork by Expanded Eye

Behold! The beautiful new artwork created by Jade Tomlinson of Expanded Eye.

If you download the album direct from our Bandcamp, each song will be encoded with the corresponding artwork and lyrics…making a beautiful visual accompaniment to the sounds. Pre orders are soon to be live, with the official release looming in October….


Secret Garden Performance Schedule…

A hefty 4 days of mobile brass and woodwind looms…!!

Listed below are the performances we know will happen. Though, a multitude of late night flash shows is likely. Also, look out for Horace Sousatron; our indefatigable Sousaphone virtuoso, who will have this wonderful instrument glued to him for the duration. Ask him nicely, he may play for you and most probably give you a free Perhaps Contraption sticker.

Pre-release copies of our new album Listening Bones will be available!! We are doing a special festival deal; a copy of Listening Bones and our first LP Sludge and Tripe for only 10 quid. Please support independent music and buy some stuff!

Here goes….

Thursday 19th
9.15pm – 10pm: The opening ceremony – the lighting of the fires –                                 

leaving from the Oak tree next to the main stage…

Friday 20th
7pm – 7.40: The Lizard stage
10 – 10.30pm: Bandstand
12 midnight: One Taste Cabaret (the premiere of an immersive cabaret structured around our sounds!)

Saturday 21st
10pm – 10.10pm   Pre burn parade on the North side of the lake…
Possible 1am show at London Leisure Pirates jailhouse tent (near Circus Kinetica)

Sunday 22nd
3.30 – 4.30pm:   Badger Badger Woods
7pm: Oddball Dancehall
8.45pm – 9.30pm: 10th Birthday parade before Sunday headliner.

See you out there, all glittery and joyous.

Squier x

Secret Garden Party 2012: Megatraption

We have been enrolled by the Head Gardeners to complete a series of parades, and celebrate this fine festivals 10th birthday. I’m immensely excited to announce that we will premiere of our new Megatraption at Secret Garden Party this Thursday.

When discussing this feat, I quickly realised that the time was ripe to almost double our device power. It is an auspicious occasion after all. And so our dirge has duly increased to a 14 piece…(and may well flux for other outings in the near future)

We welcome new contraptionites:

Edward Ashby : Tuba

Letty Stott: French Horn

Lucy Brown: French Horn

Jin Theriault: Soprano Saxophone

Sam Calcott: Flugelhorn

Chuckles the Clown: Drums

Our first parade takes place this thursday, and leaves the Oak Tree near the great stage at 21:15. We will commence “the lighting of the fires” around the garden…with the help of many other amazing performers and a 25 piece samba band….

We have 8 shows scheduled throughout the weekend…the release of the whereabouts is imminent. And we will also be peddling pre-release copies of our new album Listening Bones throughout the weekend, so do come and snap one up, as it’s only available direct from live shows until October…