Bestival Show Times

so we are off to the island again —

Show times
 saturday 8th:
Alfresco stage (in the Magic Meadow area of the site)
 16:50 – 17:20
Sunday 9th :
Alfresco Stage 13:10 – 13:40
                        18:10 – 18:40
Club Dada   22:15 – 23:00
There may well be a few exuberant flash shows during our stint…
We will have a little bundle of pre-release copies of Listening Bones
should you want to grab a copy in advance of November 3rd.
See you out there with lots of glitter please.

Secret Garden Performance Schedule…

A hefty 4 days of mobile brass and woodwind looms…!!

Listed below are the performances we know will happen. Though, a multitude of late night flash shows is likely. Also, look out for Horace Sousatron; our indefatigable Sousaphone virtuoso, who will have this wonderful instrument glued to him for the duration. Ask him nicely, he may play for you and most probably give you a free Perhaps Contraption sticker.

Pre-release copies of our new album Listening Bones will be available!! We are doing a special festival deal; a copy of Listening Bones and our first LP Sludge and Tripe for only 10 quid. Please support independent music and buy some stuff!

Here goes….

Thursday 19th
9.15pm – 10pm: The opening ceremony – the lighting of the fires –                                 

leaving from the Oak tree next to the main stage…

Friday 20th
7pm – 7.40: The Lizard stage
10 – 10.30pm: Bandstand
12 midnight: One Taste Cabaret (the premiere of an immersive cabaret structured around our sounds!)

Saturday 21st
10pm – 10.10pm   Pre burn parade on the North side of the lake…
Possible 1am show at London Leisure Pirates jailhouse tent (near Circus Kinetica)

Sunday 22nd
3.30 – 4.30pm:   Badger Badger Woods
7pm: Oddball Dancehall
8.45pm – 9.30pm: 10th Birthday parade before Sunday headliner.

See you out there, all glittery and joyous.

Squier x