Upcoming Live Blasts from our Mouths

It’s a frantic month here at Pertraption HQ. We have been lurking at the Premises Studios in Hackney recording our new album with our fully lung-powered Mobile Device. I’m thrilled to say the majority of the record is canned, and we should have all the loose ends tied up neatly by the end of October…where soon after we shall be releasing our new single, Cousin.

In the meantime we have a couple of shows.

On Friday 14th October we are delighted to be supporting Besh O Drom at Rich Mix, Bethnal Green Road, London as part of Global Local’s Gypsy Soundclash. More details on the Global Local site. We are on at 21:00 sharp.

Our other show, is still slightly cloaked in mystery. But I know this much. It will take place in the depths of Dalston, behind a bookcase, on the 28th of October. At night. More details to follow…


Bestival 2011

We are glad to receive a lovely collection of shots from Sahara Ezzi; who snapped us performing at Bestival. Playing on a giant rotating saw-stage-sculpture-thing was certainly a highlight of our Summer…

Bestival Show Times

Perhaps Contraption are off for our penultimate festival appearance this season, yes, the mighty Bestival looms… We will be performing on the Alfresco Stage, in true acoustic, open-topped style at the following moments:

Saturday 10th: 13.00 – 13.40 and 18.50 – 19.30
Sunday 11th: 13.15 – 13.55 and 17.40 – 18.00

We will also be lurching around the fields, playing in the depths of the night should minimal moisture permit. Hopefully we will see you there, covered in glitter, singing your gaping lung-bags out, with feathers and flags fluttering atop.