Summer Touring…

Even though we have been very quiet,  The lion’s share of our new album is complete! And our newest songs will be tested on our travels this Summer, ready to record in Autumn.

We hope to see you out there…

Here’s how our Summer is looking so far:

25th May: Coventry Mysteries Festival.
30th May: The Canteen, Bristol.
31st May: 14:00 Bath Fringe Festival
31st May: Frome Steampunk Extravaganza
5th June: Passing Clouds, Camden (with HUNGRY MARCH BAND!)
7th June: Brooklyn Bowl, 02, London
14th June: Tamborille Festival, Spain
20th – 22nd June: Haizetara Festival, Spain
26th – 29th June: Glastonbury Festival including The Rabbit Hole, Shangri la and The Bandstand (full schedule on the way…)
4th July: Jamboree, London
16th July: Southbank Centre Roof Garden London w/ Pate de Fua
19th July: Lovebox, London (MEGATRAPTION PARADE)
19th July: Evening- Electro Swing Club, London
21st July: Belgium National Celebrations, Brussels
24th – 27th July: Secret Garden Party (various venues)
4th – 7th August: Buskers Bern, Switzerland
16th August: Just So Festival, Cheshire

Perhaps xx


Listening Bones is Out Now (to tingle your Ossicles)

Listening Bones, Perhaps Contraption’s 3rd Album, was released this week.

You grab the whole beast from here, as a download or in lovely heavy duty gatefold packaging with intricate double sided poster by Expanded Eye. You can only get this thing direct from us at gigs or through our website.

If download is more your thing, we urge you to buy it direct through our bandcamp site rather than itunes and the rest.

For one it’s cheaper (and we get a better cut of the dosh) for two, each track is embedded with a unique picture as it scrolls through your digital player of choice. A wonderful slideshow on your listening journey…

We hope your Ossicles are pleased.

p.s. the next one is already bubbling away…




Album Launch: November 3rd

Finally! It arrives!

Yes, Listening Bones, our latest recorded offering, will be officially released at this auspicious occasion, and we would like you to join us.

You can pre-order this twisted brass monolith here:

(or grab a copy from us on the night!)

This “Feast of the Dead” (a halloween / fireworks night crossover bonanza) is hosted by Cloud Factory Adventures, and will take place at the amazing Passing Clouds in East London.

Get there early! It’s £7 before 10pm, £10 thereafter.

We have a whole hour of juicy material (old and new) to present to your gleaming ears, beginning at 23.30 sharp.

Additional wonders are provided by The Spanner Jazz Punks and The Great Malarkey. More treats TBC.

Excited to celebrate the end of this last chapter, of this latest incarnation…

Cousin / Grandma Limited Edition Posters

In conjunction with the recent release of Cousin/Grandma, I’ve created a limited edition run of 50 A3 posters.

They a contain a hand drawn sketch, which was then tweaked and coloured in a computery way with the help of Daniel Ross. The sketch depicts a writhing organic form; a vision of a sperm entering an egg, magnified 48,000 times. Some sort of frenetic splurge voicing new beginnings, conception, and of course the colour yellow.

Each one is individually hand embellished with pencil, numbered and signed.

They come printed on heavy weight recycled card; available in either flecked brown or white, 25 of each are up for grabs. They cost £10 (including postage and packaging) and also come with a download of the single.

To acquire one of these things, please contact us, or you can grab them from one of our live shows…

Cousin / Grandma: The Video

Packed with our beloved mutant pram kit, giant millipedes (on people’s faces) baby scorpions tickling Mickey Bone’s nose, confusing chameleon love declarations, megaphone ranting, and many other amazing creepy slithering juddering things; we proudly present our new video.

We hope you like it… the next two are already being plotted in neurons & hard drives as I type…

Please support independent music and buy the single on our Bandcamp page.

Grandma was originally inspired by Susie Showers. She approached me one day, all clapping clicking and bobbing and smiling. Swiftly after hearing her do this it was regurgitated and composed by DD Window, Squier Squier and Perhaps Contraption.

When I first heard her do this (way back in April 2010) I would have never thought it would come to this. But that’s the joy of making art.

You have to massage ideas into reality before they evaporate.

Filmed and edited by Jasmine Robinson.
Costumes by Am Statik.
Artistic Direction by Felicity, Jasmine & Squier.
With thanks to The Premises Studios, Tim, Jeffery the Chameleon and Friends, and all the other people who made this possible.