Susie Showers & Squier Squier at Norwich Fringe Festival

The acoustic double-act incarnation of Perhaps will be making an appearance at the Norwich Fringe Festival this Sunday 15th May at the Take 5 Cafe. With support from somewhere over the Rambo the show starts at 7.30. More details can be viewed over here …

The duo will be presenting some new material as well as reworked versions of old Perhaps Contraption numbers. Expect comedy, poetry and sweet music with guitar, ukulele, flute, glockenspiel and our mouths. From a manifesto for the sandwich to questions about your orgasms, this should be a delightful Sunday evening.

Susie Showers & Squier Squier are preparing to record an album of new sounds & poetry tentatively entitled “Parlor Games” somewhere in the depths of July.

Glastonbury Emerging Talent Competition

Perhaps are grinning from ear to here to have made it onto the “longlist” for the Glastonbury emerging talent competition this year… the final 123 bands no less!

Songs from our latest album Business were put forward a few months ago…fingers tightly crossed

The collective will be roaming the fields of Pilton for our 4th year running in a variety of varieties…

But mostly likely lurking as our new Mobile Device. The lurching, juddering, horn powered art-marching band… Sights and sounds coming soon…


Business Part 2

After weeks of tweaking, the first single from our next LP “Business” is available for free download from

WE hope your fine ears and ossicles are pleased.

(Soon) The whole glorious heap will be released as a download and limited edition CD housed in bespoke latex packaging with beautiful numbered liner art. 

Also new in the Perhaps Contraption dispensary – the mobile device. Our juddering, lurching, beautiful art-marching band is gearing up for another summer of shows anywhere & everywhere with our new array of horns, percussion & mutant victorian pram drum kit.

Shots and sounds soon…

Yours busily,

Squier Squier

Electricity is Boring.

Dear Friends, 
Following the success of Perhaps Contraptions’ first expedition into mobile marching music adventures at Glastonbury 2010 and Burning Man, we are chuffed to announce that the next phase in this collective’s development is simmering wonderfully.
We have been busy recruiting fabulous new musicians to add to this staggering sort of art-punk-swing-marching-band device.  Yes it will involve a heavily customised Victorian Pram. Yes there will be a Sousaphone. Yes there will be junk percussion, poly-rhythmic grooves & choral outbursts. 
We are mightily excited to unleash this new ensemble & have a host of new material in development.
In the meantime, our second LP “Business” it achingly close to completion. It will be released as a download and/or  hand-crafted (very) limited edition CD in bespoke latex packaging… 
 Also, a third LP has also been recorded, and is just beginning to be fiddled with and tweaked. It will contain some of Perhaps Contraption’s most adventurous and “difficult” compositions to date. It will also contain a cover of the Oompah Loompah song.
More news and sounds coming very soon…..

Sousaphone/Tuba player & other performing musicians required

Perhaps Contraption seek experienced performing musicians to help turn their avant-rock collective into a radical marching band.

We want to make people dance messy with audacious punk-infused swing. We want to make people think deeply & laugh at the same time. We want to blend beautiful pop-hooks with sophisticated musical absurdities. We want to have lots of fun…

We primarily need a sousaphone or tuba player but are also on the look out for:
*an excellent lead wind player (French horn/ clarinet / Oboe for example)
* a mobile percussionist (this may include marimba or xylophone)

Any other instrument that can be played on the hoof will be considered. Multi instrumentalists are particularly welcome.

Applicants should be keen perform at indoor venues, street shows, and to prank around UK festivals next summer.

You should be keen to sing, learn some easy dance moves, and interact with audiences. Auditions will involve improvisation, and a contribution of ideas to new material (which is available for listening upon application.)

 We will be holding informal auditions at the Premises Studios in East London (date TBC).

 This project aims to create an adaptable, wonderful musical device that will be suitable for obtaining funding as well as making bookings across a wide range of areas.
Stage gigs, festival walkabout & busking are all on the agenda. All profits will be shared.

Please send details of musical experience & availability to
Or call 07792294426 for more information.