Droplets / Molecules

Droplets / Molecules is from the new Perhaps Contraption album Mud Belief to be released on 3 June. Pre-order Mud Belief over here.

Produced and Directed by Squier Squier
Director of Photography: Paul McHale
Editing: Matt Jolly
Decor Design: Abi Sehmi
Decor Assistants: Vicky Frazer, Elisa Garghentino, Ellie Birkenhead-Jones
Projection Mapping and Lighting Design: Tom Wright and Thom Buttery of Limbic Cinema.
Shot at The Premises Studios, November 2014.

With thanks to GoPro, The Premises Studios and all the crew.


It grows and grows.
Minuscule unknown,
Magnitude how it grows and grows.
Molecules entwine,
Solitude how it ebbs and flows.
Molecules, they know.
Magnitude how it grows and grows
(it grows)