I am I

I am I, the opening track from Perhaps Contraption’s forthcoming album Mud Belief. Filmed with projection mapping in 360 degrees for virtual reality.

Watch using the Youtube app on your smart phone and move it to look around the set, or use Google Cardboard for the full virtual reality experience.


Filmed at the Premises Studios, November 2014.

Director of Photography: Paul McHale for Old Dead Eye
Projection Mapping and Lighting Design: Limbic Cinema
Virtual reality engineering: Matt Jolly
360 and VR assistance: Rich Tongeman

Decor: Abi Sehmi
Decor Assistants: Vicky Frazer, Elisa Garghentino, Ellie Birkenhead-Jones

Produced and Directed by Squier Squier

With thanks to GoPro and The Premises Studios.


I am I
I am
Get light.
Be Light.

Be here now be here.
Now here be now be.

Get light get light get light
be light

Be well, now, be still.

I am I
I am

try to reconnect between the ether.
try to reconnect us back to together
find the light get the lights
behold your every sight.