Listening Bones

Our first album with brass. The latest incarnation of Perhaps Contraption, this lung-powered mobile device, was formed through a process of serendipity and tenacity, desperation and inspiration, sometime in April 2011.

After a long, muddy, glittering and glorious summer parading these sounds, our voices and the ever-squeaky mutant pram around various festivals, we decided to record it.

We hope your ossicles are pleased.


released 03 November 2012

On Listening Bones, Perhaps Contraption are comprised of;

Squier Squier voice, flute, piccolo
DeeDee Window voice, drums
Mickey Bones voice, trombone
Felicity Status voice, clarinet, glockenspiel
Horace Sousatron voice, tuba
Emily Andromeda voice, french horn
The Bracket voice, alto saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet
Uncle Shhh voice, bass trombone

Captured on 4 consecutive Sundays during October 2011, at the Premises Solar-Powered Studios, London.

Produced and mixed by Jason Howes and Squier Squier (apart from Drugs and Faith, and Listen! which Peter Z and Squier fiddled with.) Jason then mastered the whole thing at The Premises sometime in March 2012.

Excessively detailed recording notes now…

Cousin was inspired by Susie Showers, with all her great words and clapping. This was then regurgitated and orchestrated by Squier Squier. DeeDee sung the top line and we played it. All lyrics by Susie, except the “Multiplication” and“Brother’s Sister” lines by Squier.

The Ossicles is conceptual continuity from our previous album Business. Composed & structured by Squier with extra time decoration insight by Perhaps Contraption. The “listen” a capella section was improvised in the studio.

Drugs and Faith is conceptual continuity from “Make it come out Green” on our debut album Sludge and Tripe. Lyrics and music by Squier. Vocal harmonies and glockenspiel by Felicity Status.

You bring out the savage in me was written by Sam Coslow & recorded by Valaida Snow in 1934. Published by Cinephonic Music Co Ltd. All rights reserved.
It was restructured by DeeDee & Squier and embellished by the rest of the device quite some time later. (Chuckles the Clown plays shaky egg too). Love to Molly Carol for the inspiration.

Breathe your Breath was assembled from a number of improvisations. A chameleon named Jeff was a protagonist in an early version. Lyrics by Squier Squier, (apart from the tangled outburst in the middle). Music by Perhaps Contraption.

The National Anthem is by Thomas Yorke, Philip Selway, Edward O’Brien, Colin Greenwood and Jonathan Greenwood of Radiohead.
Published by Warner/Chappell Music Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
This version was inspired by Environmental Encroachment & performing with The Transformational Fire Conclave All Stars Marching Band at Burning Man, 2010. Rebuilt by Squier, embellished by P.C. Shaky egg & floor tom magic by Chuckles.

Listen! is an improvisation. then sliced and manipulated by Squier & Peter Z.

Dig, words and music by Squier Squier, apart from the final section conjured up by Perhaps Contraption. Certain parts were developed from the page & improved by the player’s own musical majesty.