Last weekend we were back at Snape Maltings, but this time, not as part of our residency, but working with the incredible Aldeburgh Young Musicians.

And really, the whole experience blew my mind.
In the space of 2 days, this group of 32 exceptionally talented artists between the ages of 10 – 17, created an epic, astonishing piece of new music, theatre and movement. 
It took place in multiple places around the site;
some sections were meant to be viewed from above or in the round
some sections were in raucous procession, some a traditional stage setup, some as a giant snaking line of micro-solos and duets (a sort of musical Chinese whispers) which the audience curiously followed as it transmuted and twisted; a shimmering, evolving musical current along a human wire.
The students chose to name this startling new 40 minute piece ‘Maybe Machine’ in playful homage to the band.
We merely set the wheels in motion, by showing what we, as Perhaps Contraption, love to do together.
The whole group embraced this collaborative approach to creating ‘extra/theatrical’ musical experiences, and threw themselves into it, with supreme skill, dexterity, tenacity and passionate curiosity. 
The whole of the band (plus parents and staff alike) were amazed at what they created!
Massive kudos to Snape Maltings, for running this unique programme, and providing the resources and space for young musicians and artists to explore and flourish. 
It was an honour to take part in this process and nurture / see / hear the wonders that swiftly emerged. What an enriching and enlightening experience for all.