In conjunction with the recent release of Cousin/Grandma, I’ve created a limited edition run of 50 A3 posters.

They a contain a hand drawn sketch, which was then tweaked and coloured in a computery way with the help of Daniel Ross. The sketch depicts a writhing organic form; a vision of a sperm entering an egg, magnified 48,000 times. Some sort of frenetic splurge voicing new beginnings, conception, and of course the colour yellow.

Each one is individually hand embellished with pencil, numbered and signed.

They come printed on heavy weight recycled card; available in either flecked brown or white, 25 of each are up for grabs. They cost £10 (including postage and packaging) and also come with a download of the single.

To acquire one of these things, please contact us, or you can grab them from one of our live shows…

So, 2011 was a good year for this device.

We began by polishing off Business, the second Perhaps Contraption album, which had been simmering in my vaults for a number of years (alongside 2 other, as yet, unreleased albums, of which the seeds were sown in 2007, but that’s another story…some of which will be realised this year)

As this was being done and dusted, eager & confused, I sounded the conch for the next incarnation; The Mobile Device.

This desire was inspired by performing in a massive marching band (The Transformational Fire Conclave  All Stars Marching Band to be exact) at Burning Man in the Summer of 2010, and generally enjoying the freedom of playing acoustically, wherever and whenever you like.

After this dusty epiphany, I decided it was time to restructure my whole approach to song writing and performing music in general. This meant ditching the guitars. And the electricity (for now).

Dreams of being agile, completely acoustic & mobile began to bubble into my conciousness. As did thoughts of composing and performing with new instruments, limitations & personalities.

Luckily, after a number of months stumbling, cogitating and searching, the next incarnation began to take shape…

Through a process of serendipity, (a few new contraptionites oozed out of a fleeting-chance-meeting on a busy train platform, where (luckily) I spied something resembling a French Horn case hanging from Emily’s arm, this connection also led me to find two other key members…) and downright tenacity (placing numerous ads around town and quizzing numerous people about London’s (scant) Sousaphone population, & foraging for dynamic-multi-instrumental-enthusiastic other front-persons fizzing with talent) our glorious new musical family was unearthed.

Intensive rehearsals followed, in preparation for our inaugral teeth-cutting: the mighty Glastonbury Festival loomed.

Perhaps Contraption has always been a difficult DIY labour of love for me, yet as soon as I began rehearsing with these new recruits, things began to feel less, difficult. Everyone in the room knew there was incredible musical dynamic & energy brewing, compounded by future projections; just how far could this instant musical connection go & where would it lead us as artists & performers & learners?

It was this feeling that propelled us head first into the most prestigious music festival in the world, and which continued to drive us throughout the Summer, smashing as many festivals as would take us (a detailed 2011 gig listing is on the way).

It was exhausting, and expensive, but also massively inspiring and refreshing… to be playing anywhere and everywhere, completely acoustically; to be able to amass a crowd and a positive feeling through sound, wherever & whenever we chose.

And yet, the formula was so simple (even if the instrumentation itself was so unusual).

Ironically, by performing on the rock toilet circuit for many years, I had become disconnected/ disenchanted from the very things I had chosen to explore…I found myself beginning to lack those blissed out neurochemicals highs.

It was only through embracing music’s inherent simplicity —-moving air molecules in any given place and connecting and affecting any given person (hopefully in a positive way!) —– that I began to remember why I set out to explore this sonic world in the first place.

And so, at the beginning of this new year, I feel Perhaps Contraption stand in a very promising position. With new (musical & emotional) connections strengthening alongside new directions and goals. (All the while our first album as an art marching band simmering gently, scheduled to be released sometime near June…)

Here’s to another musical year around the sun. Hoping to see you in a sweaty club or muddy field very soon.

Squier Squier

Packed with our beloved mutant pram kit, giant millipedes (on people’s faces) baby scorpions tickling Mickey Bone’s nose, confusing chameleon love declarations, megaphone ranting, and many other amazing creepy slithering juddering things; we proudly present our new video.

We hope you like it… the next two are already being plotted in neurons & hard drives as I type…

Please support independent music and buy the single on our Bandcamp page.

Grandma was originally inspired by Susie Showers. She approached me one day, all clapping clicking and bobbing and smiling. Swiftly after hearing her do this it was regurgitated and composed by DD Window, Squier Squier and Perhaps Contraption.

When I first heard her do this (way back in April 2010) I would have never thought it would come to this. But that’s the joy of making art.

You have to massage ideas into reality before they evaporate.

Filmed and edited by Jasmine Robinson.
Costumes by Am Statik.
Artistic Direction by Felicity, Jasmine & Squier.
With thanks to The Premises Studios, Tim, Jeffery the Chameleon and Friends, and all the other people who made this possible.

We are delighted to be bringing in the New Year, with wonderful The Last Tuesday Society… New songs, new costumes, and a raucous version of Auld Langs Syne.

All Perhaptions wishing you a prosperous 2012…

(and the new album is inexorably creeping forward…forward staggering and desperate)

Our next single will be released on 11th February 2012 as a download, alongside a limited run of posters containing the single artwork. Each poster will feature a unique, hand drawn embellishment by the artist, Squier Squier.

The launch party takes place at an amazing cosy venue on Saturday 11th February 2012 at the Servant Jazz Quarters, 10a Bradbury Street, Dalston, N16 8JN from 20:00.

The nearest overground is Dalston Kingsland / Junction and is also served by loads of buses. This day also happens to be Squier’s birthday so wear a tie.

Support comes from the incredible Goodbye Leopold; lush, ethereal, 3 part accapella and choreography. Very special indeed.

More acts TBC.

Jeff the Chameleon will also be there. Yes, a real live chameleon!

We will also be projecting things, including the amazing new video for the single; which includes a psychedelic insect menagerie! Gasp indeed. Millipedes and Domino Beetles ahoy.

Previews for the single & video are coming very soon…

Happy nish nish from all the Pertraptions. xxx