Blubber Chops was assembled from an improvisation between DeeDee Window, Pimi Mayfair and Squier Squier in a big old womans refuge in London, in early 2008.
(This was during the sessions for an as yet unreleased album featuring Perhaps Contraption at it’s most spiky.)

These instrumental splutters were then sliced, re-arranged, and sung over swiftly.
Some time later Zara Gaze played her magical Bassoon and recorder over the new structure, on all saints road, London. This was then painstakingly tweaked, arranged and layered.
Squier Squier finally added clarinet and glockenspiel in November 2011.

It was mixed at Press Play studios by Andy Ramsey and Squier Squier.
Mastered at the Premises Studios by Jason Howes, winter 2011.

released April 30, 2012

DeeDee Window – Drums
Pimi Mayfair – Bass
Zara Gaze – Bassoon, Recorder
Squier Squier – Voice, Guitar, Clarinet, Glockenspiel, arrangement