Perhaps Contraption’s second LP is called “Business”.

Oozed out obsessively over the past 5 years,
Business is some sort of psychedelic avant-folk excursion; melding art pop, mathematic rock expulsions & entwined woodwind soundscapes.

The album is comprised of two distinct sections.

Jammed with desperate soliloquies & ecological / mortal meme-fucks, Business flinches at the mental clutter we are bombarded with incessantly.
All delivered with Perhaps Contraption’s quintessential Dada-infused English eccentricity.

We truly hope your Ossicles are pleased.


released March 7, 2011

On Business, Perhaps Contraption are comprised of:

Squier Squier – Acoustic & Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar Flute, Clarinet, Vocals, Field Recordings, Glockenspiel, Production
DeeDee Window – Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals
Pimi Mayfair – Bass Guitar on 3,5 & 6, Drums on 6, Backing Vocals
Zara Gaze – Bassoon, Wine Glasses
David O’ Connor – Baritone Saxophone
Gideon Brazil – Tenor Saxophone
Ruby Lane – Vocals on Detritus & Business part 2
Charlie & Henry Squier – Backing Vocals on 1, 2 & 3
Peter Zed – Production
Daniel Ross – Photoshop Wizardry

Lyrics, Music & Artwork by Squier Squier.
Certain parts in certain songs (namely some of Gideon, Zara and David’s horn parts) were conjured up by the player’s own brilliance.

Produced and mixed by Peter Zed and Squier
Finsbury Park, London, 10-11.

This thing was recorded gradually in various places and sessions between Autumn 2006 and Winter 2011. Basements, abandoned houses, studios and bedrooms around Bristol and London.

Mastered at One Louder, East London, January 2011.
Album artwork tweaked in photoshop with the masterful digits of Daniel “Shabba” Ross.