We trudge and dance onwards.
Through the glittering, glorious mud.

This time around, Perhaps Contraption were comprised of:

Squier Squier :::::voice, guitars, flute, piccolo
Jinny Hinge ::::: voice, soprano and baritone saxophone, violin
Charly (The Bracket) Jolly::::: voice, tenor saxophone, bass clarinet
Uncle Sshhh ::::: voice, bass trombone
Mister Ricky ::::: drums, cajon, percussion
Horace Sousatron ::::: voice, Eb tuba, monster tuba
Flick the Switch ::::: voice, glockenspiel, vibraphone
Mickey Bones ::::: voice, trombone, guitars
Emily Cunliffe ::::: voice, French horn

Featuring Amy Jolly on cello on 5 & 9 and Frisk Dadler on drums on 12.

(((Sonic Construction)))

1,2,12 by Bracket, Squier, Horace & PC
Tracks 3,4,9,10 by Mickey Bones
8 by Jinny, save a few lines by Flick & Squier
5, 6 & 7 by Squier & PC
11 by Bracket & PC
7 was initially sketched with deedee window.