During this hour (that is both beautiful & horrendous) Perhaps Contraption swill a ferocious soup of meticulously mathematical avant-rock, explosive free-jazz improvisations, soaring soundscapes and twisted anti-folk.

“Throw in a whiff of English whimsy here, Zappa’s lyrical madness and Sleepytime Gorilla Museum’s convoluted addiction to time changes. A dose of noise and puerility there (and prodigious musical talent) and you have an album that surprises and confounds.” – Sittingnow.co.uk

“Sludge & Tripe” was recorded painstakingly between 2004 and 2008 in a number of derelict houses, basements and studios around London and Bristol, the collective’s first album was then stitched together into a twisting, confronting DaDa-rock pronk-pop adventure. Compositions both ape and destroy conventional song structures, as spanners are dexterously jammed into the works.

Flirting between ferocious free-jazz improvisations, studio wizardry and meticulously mathematic performances, the album traverses a bizarre progressive landscape while still retaining pop-infused sensibilities. This provides footholds for the ear to cling to, before being pummelled with acrid rubble…

Ramblings about Sludge and Tripe

“A grotesque, unsettling oddity, this dadaesque fever dream of an album has ‘potential cult hit’ daubed across its flanks in florescent orange paint, a collision of freeform jazz, progressive rock, funk, folk, country, alt rock and experimental poetry, brought… more
released April 1, 2010

On Sludge& Tripe, Perhaps Contraption, Consist of

Squier Squier (vocals, guitar, flute, clarinet)

DeeDee Window (drums, percussion, vocals)

Pimi Mayfair (Bass, vocals)

Jack Attack (guitar, on 5, 7, 9, 10,11,16)

Mathew Johnston (Bass, Vocals on 5, 7,9,10,12)


Most of it written & churned around/up by this thing called Perhaps Contraption.
1,2,3,4,11,13,14 written, arranged & obsessed over by Squier Squier.

Tracks 3,4,6,7,11,15 & 16 were mixed & produced by Squier Squier with Andy Ramsey at Press Play, London, early 2008.
Track 12 produced by the Junk Scientist, summer 2005.
Tracks 5, 7 & 9 produced by Jeff Spencer Autumn 2004.

All the rest produced & fiddled by Squier Squier in various bedrooms.

Mastered by Alan Emptage, London, Winter 09/10.

Artwork by Dee Dee Window and Squier Squier
Album design by Squier Squier with the help of Daniel Ross. www.thisnow.co.uk


11 inspired by (the SUN) Carl Sagan & Death
15 ” ” diuretic effects of hot drinks.
16 ” ” blind faith, Chris Morris & social sludge
6 influenced by Export Processing Zones
7 ” ” Joe Snow & sensationalist media tripe
1 ” ” by stinky, bamboozling London
12 ” ” effusive friends & unashamed spontenaity

The rest inexorably pummeled by Sludge&Tripe, guitar landfill & equine hostility & various garnishes.

“brain dead kinds, swill life’s brine”